Sunshine in a pocket

Let’s keep a little bit of Sunshine in a pocket. A jeans pocket. 😉
Even if it’s above you on the sky, deeply in your soul or hidden in your jeans pocket, always keep the Sunshine close to you. Because it’s all about serenity and staying positive.IMG_0101 Continue reading “Sunshine in a pocket”

Escape from Heaven

Nature. Plants. Flowers. Leaves. Even if alive have magic in them and you feel like heaven when you flood the eyes and the senses with fragrance, beauty, color, abundance and emotion, when they lose their vitality escape into an eternal, mysterious world and possibilities reinvention. It surrounds us with discreetly and elegant shapes, pastel appealing.tablou_heaven1tablou_heaven2Displaying this elegant decoration is a great way to add a drop of colour to a neutral wall.